gunkers replied to your post:HI!! Your Casey Jones cosplay is amazing! can you please tell me how you made the hockey sticks?

but why not just but cheap hockey sticks and sand off the colors? this is a really cool method, though!! it just sounds really hard!

The reason I went this route was because Comic Convention security policies won’t allow wood or heavy plastic hockey sticks. :/  I did search for a plastic option, but there doesn’t appear to be a full-size all-plastic stick out there (most are wood sticks with plastic blades); and if it isn’t hollow and is heavy enough to be considered dangerous, they won’t let ya in with it.  I saw a lot of other Casey Jones costumes at NYCC, and they either didn’t have weapon props at all or had mini plastic field hockey sticks. xD;  They’re really strict, man. lD; 

taphia whispered:
HI!! Your Casey Jones cosplay is amazing! can you please tell me how you made the hockey sticks?

I’ve been getting this question a lot, so I’ll just post this up here for anyone who’s curious!  Good luck to all ye who wish to have security policy-approved hockey sticks for your next comic con. xD

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The noise was coming up through the crack.

(More than Meets the Eye #5)

We have a Krogan.

Here’s the first request!  Zeenovos suggested Spinister/Surprise/Yellow.

More to come! X) 

Rewind’s Data Log: “Meet the Crew! Part 2: Swerve’s Bar”

Alright, I think that’s a wrap… ~Rewind

What should I draw? (Transformers art requests open!)

I’m at that point where there’s so much that I want to draw that I’m left paralyzed with indecision.  So!  To get my gears warmed up, I thought I’d try something out for fun and take some requests!  Please send me the following details: 

1. Which Transformer I should draw (including continuity, MTMTE of course preferred~ xD )

2.  An emotion/expression that they should be… expressing. +3+ 

3.  A color!  (which I’ll use as the primary hue or as a strong light source)

You can either place your request into the comments section of this post or send me an ask/note! 

Blessings upon you. xD <3

Rewind’s Data Log 452: “Meet the Crew! Part One: Cyclonus”






I figured I’d bring this here onto my main blog, it’s been about a year since I made it, and I’m happy to announce that the Rewind’s Data Log series is back in the works!  I’ve got a new addition that I’ll post up either today or tomorrow! X) 

Dammit, Jim.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a drawing of an actual human being… for some reason, Bones demanded my attention.  

Mikey vs Pants.  Fight!