Dammit, Jim.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a drawing of an actual human being… for some reason, Bones demanded my attention.  

Mikey vs Pants.  Fight!

Some very sketchy 2014 turtles.  After seeing the new trailer and getting a better look at their faces, I’m itching to draw more of ‘em!

New York Comicon is a Go!

Looks like I’ll be putting some more miles on my Casey Jones costume this October at New York Comicon!  I’m so excited that I managed to score the 4-Day pass (or any pass at all, I wasn’t so lucky with SDCC), it’ll be my second visit to NYC, first time going to NYCC!  I’ve heard Kevin Eastman is a frequent guest as well, and who knows what else it’ll hold in store with all the big events happening in the TMNT ‘n TF franchises. +3+

So… Any other TMNT cosplayers going?? xD  I found a 90’s Raph ‘n Mike, an 80’s April, and 90’s Jones at Phoenix Comicon, we’ll see if NYCC can top that!


April’s had it pretty rough throughout the 2k12 series, I’d like to think that each of the boys, including Raph, had a hand in holding her steady. 

donatanna whispered:
I just have to say your art style is one of my favorites I've seen. It's super unique and I love it!!

Ahhh thank ye so much! >//u//< <3<3<3  I see ya like 2k3 Donnie (hehe who doesn’t, he’s such a doll), so please accept dis tordle doodle for your kindness! cximage

radiojane whispered:
Hi, Ross! I was wondering if you might have some advice for me... I seem to have trouble when it comes to drawing and coloring backgrounds in that it's difficult to make the characters look like they're both naturally existing within the space while also standing out against it. Any tips on how to make subjects blend into the background without having them... blend in? xD


hi! i struggle with this too sometimes. what i usually like to do is give the characters something that makes them pop, either make them brighter or darker than the background, or have one color on them that contrasts them from the background, like a splash of color or an article of clothing or hair that draws your focus to the character. and you can frame the character within the background in a way that makes them pop, like using the structures in the environment like buildings or trees to create kind of a frame within a frame, if that makes sense.

i think generally keeping the backgrounds on the monochromatic side (depending on what your goal is with the colors, of course) works pretty well, like pick a color and then do the entire background in shades of that color. i personally think once a background has too many colors, it can overwhelm the character and be distracting, so picking a limited color palette can go a long way toward unifying the character and background. and obviously real life has a million colors, but i think in cartooning, the more colors you have the more ‘fake’ it feels, it ends up looking like a coloring book instead of an actual place the characters exist within, at least for me.

i’m not sure how to explain how to make a character seem natural within an environment, that’s such an abstract thing! XD drawing characters that look grounded on the surface they’re standing or sitting on is something i still struggle with, it’s just something an artist has to practice.

i hope that helps! :)

Thank you so much!  I’ll keep all of this in mind the next time I’m tackling a background, it’s excellent advice! cx

Casey’s gonna have a hard time living this one down…

*sobbing in the corner after investigating the Nightbeat tag* 


omg it’s true

i just

oh my heart






I haven’t read MTMTE since issue #17, so I’m really behind, but—IS IT TRUE?? XD;;;  If so, I will go out and buy EVERY SINGLE ISSUE TO CATCH UP AND WITNESS THIS MIRACULOUS JOYOUS MOMENT 

I have missed him so much….. xD;;;