Here’s the first request!  Zeenovos suggested Spinister/Surprise/Yellow.

More to come! X) 

Rewind’s Data Log: “Meet the Crew! Part 2: Swerve’s Bar”

Alright, I think that’s a wrap… ~Rewind

What should I draw? (Transformers art requests open!)

I’m at that point where there’s so much that I want to draw that I’m left paralyzed with indecision.  So!  To get my gears warmed up, I thought I’d try something out for fun and take some requests!  Please send me the following details: 

1. Which Transformer I should draw (including continuity, MTMTE of course preferred~ xD )

2.  An emotion/expression that they should be… expressing. +3+ 

3.  A color!  (which I’ll use as the primary hue or as a strong light source)

You can either place your request into the comments section of this post or send me an ask/note! 

Blessings upon you. xD <3

Rewind’s Data Log 452: “Meet the Crew! Part One: Cyclonus”






I figured I’d bring this here onto my main blog, it’s been about a year since I made it, and I’m happy to announce that the Rewind’s Data Log series is back in the works!  I’ve got a new addition that I’ll post up either today or tomorrow! X) 




So http://instagram.com/tmnt_everything also steals pictures, badly blurs the signatures and blocks the artists.

I’m starting a Death List on DA for that.

People I recognized art from: purott, turtleficlibrary, sleepingseeker

So far I’ve seen scarsandsais , shellsweet , fivenightsinjonatello , frankenpup , melty94

also darthempress reko-light lorna-ka wtf-skittens radiojane

Thanks, Sawa, for bringing this to my attention (along with the other Instagram user that’s stolen my work and cut off my name).  I’ve sent Copyright Infringement reports to Instagram, but apparently they don’t see how my rights have been violated.  Maybe there’s a different form that I need to fill out?  They’re not being helpful in the least, either way.  Not impressed.  This is why I love the Tumblr staff with a burning passion, they’re extremely quick and efficient in helping artists out when their work has been stolen (shout out to Tumblr staff member Marlene for helping me in a recent case!), and they certainly don’t give you the run-around or third degree treatment that Instagram does.  

I really don’t get what these art thieves are trying to pull.  With so many different stolen works on their blogs, it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t create the works themselves, the styles are too diverse and only a fool would buy it.  So what are they after when they remove the artist’s name?  Scum of the Earth, these types.

Dammit, Jim.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a drawing of an actual human being… for some reason, Bones demanded my attention.  

Mikey vs Pants.  Fight!

Some very sketchy 2014 turtles.  After seeing the new trailer and getting a better look at their faces, I’m itching to draw more of ‘em!

New York Comicon is a Go!

Looks like I’ll be putting some more miles on my Casey Jones costume this October at New York Comicon!  I’m so excited that I managed to score the 4-Day pass (or any pass at all, I wasn’t so lucky with SDCC), it’ll be my second visit to NYC, first time going to NYCC!  I’ve heard Kevin Eastman is a frequent guest as well, and who knows what else it’ll hold in store with all the big events happening in the TMNT ‘n TF franchises. +3+

So… Any other TMNT cosplayers going?? xD  I found a 90’s Raph ‘n Mike, an 80’s April, and 90’s Jones at Phoenix Comicon, we’ll see if NYCC can top that!


April’s had it pretty rough throughout the 2k12 series, I’d like to think that each of the boys, including Raph, had a hand in holding her steady.