Crazy-eyed Jones!  Gonna use these as icons for my Casey blog. X)

I really like the way that Casey’s situation with his father was handled when April and the others found out about it.  It kinda felt like the writers meant to reach out to readers who may be going through anything similar.

wait, is the hat from the IDW comics? If so I’m so glad they are getting love! If not, awesome piece anyway!

It is! (Though the color’s a bit altered.)  I’ve read the IDW comics all the way up to the first issue of The Secret History of the Foot Clan, and I’ve got vol. 1 of City Fall sitting on my desk staring at me longingly (or maybe I’m the one staring >3>).  I love the IDW series, it has great writing and an amazing set of artists, I highly recommend it to everyone! X)  The IDW incarnation of Casey is also close to being my favorite one. <3 +3+

isn’t he the guy who delivers pizza to the turtles? he’s mikey’s friend D:

Haha that’d be so sad if it was! xD;  Naw, it’s just a generic Purple Dragon, no friendly pizza dudes were harmed!

Too close?

The boys swap colors!

A few panels based on an rp I had with Fantasia, I played a young Casey Jones while she played her mutated Tang Shen. X)  I hope ye like it!

Inspired by hours of staring at Raph in the OOTS game. xD

I hope ya’ll have warm winter holidays and a happy New Year, complete with gifts, mistletoe, and turtles!